Åbo Swedish Theatre

Åbo is the Swedish name for Turku, just two hours away from Finlands capital Helsinki, and this theatre is one of the few Swedish language theatres in Finland. It is also the oldest still existing theatre building in the country. The facade and the walls are still the original ones from 1839, whereas the cosy interior dates mainly from the 1890s, including a beautiful painted ceiling by K.G. Wetterstrand and a curtain by the famous Swedish theatre painter Carl Grabow.

The permanent repertory company performs plays and musicals, and also tours the country. More sights to see in Turku are the old Cathedral and the Castle, both older than 700 years. The river Aurajoki, that runs through the city, provides an idyllic environment for relaxing walks. The riverside is brimming with lovely restaurants (both on land and on restaurant boats), museums, shops and cafés.


Åbo Svenska Teater
Eerikinkatu 13
20100 Turku


Visits: Guided tours in the theatre and behind the scenes on appointment