ERHT Project


16 partners from 12 countries have joined forces for the period 2012-2017 to make the still existing historic theatres in Europe better known to the public. The title of the project is European Route of Historic Theatres, and it is supported by the Culture Programme of the European Union. It is the successor of a pilot project of the same name that was conducted from 2007 to 2009, also with the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union.

The project 2012-2017 consists of the following activities:

  • We research all still existing historic theatres in all of
            Europe and present them for the first time in a freely accessible,
            comprehensive online database
  • We select 120 of the best preserved and most interesting theatre
            buildings of each period and connect them on a
            continuous cultural tourism route that leads across Europe. In the
            end, the European Route of Historic  Theatres will consists of 12 part
            routes, each with 10 to 12 theatres
  • We promote the European Route of Historic Theatres throughout
            Europe with folders, websites, press activities etc. 
  • We create a touring exhibition that presents the theatres in
            context, entitled "The history of Europe - told by its theatres"; it
            opened on 9 February 2015 and is touring across Europe
  • And while doing all this, we develop cooperation among the
            partners in the project and about 120 theatres in more than 30
            countries, e.g. in periodical meetings and an annual conference