Teatro de Rojas

This theatre is dedicated to and obviously named after Francisco de Rojas Zorrilla (1607–1648), dramatist from the Spanish Golden Age born in Toledo. It was built over the original site where El Greco’s son, Jorge Manuel Theoto- copuli, had designed the corral de comedias. This was destroyed by a re, and a comedy theatre was constructed on this same site.

his theatre was opened in 1878, 1878, and it is a unique and essential source for unique and essential source for understanding Spanish theatre ar- chitecture evolution. Inside, you can enjoy a genuine museum featuring the original stage machinery and the original mechanism lifting the parterre, the only ones in Spain maintained in perfect working condi- tion.The only one in Spain maintained in perfect working conditions.


Teatro de Rojas
Plaza Mayor, s/n
45001 Toledo

Visits: frequent guided tours, please contact the theatre; group tours on appointment