Teatro Español

The history of the Teatro Es- pañol kicks off on 21st Sep- tember 1583, the date when the first performance took place, making this place the oldest theatre in the world with continued programmed shows since its opening. The origin of this theatre goes back to 1582 with the primitive name of Corral del Príncipe. In 1744 the Corral del Príncipe was demolished to give way to the building of a new theatre which was inaugura- ted in 1745 with the name of Coliseo del Príncipe.

In 1849, it was renamed as Teatro Español. Those visiting the Teatro Español today will be able to know first-hand each and every nook of this build- ing, unique in its history and in its life. Coming to the Teatro Espa- ñol is visiting our history and modernity, a travel in time, a pure privilege for all those lovers of theatre, art and culture.


Teatro Español
Calle Príncipe, 25
28012 Madrid

Visits: guided tours Tuesday to Friday at 12:00 noon; groups on appointment