Playhouse Wilhelmsbad

This theatre owns its existence to Prince Wilhelm of Hesse-Kassel, heir to the throne of Kurhesse. In January 1781 he ordered the treasury in Hanau to have 3500 florins ready “for the construction of a Comoedien Haus (playhouse) at Wilhelmsbad.” On July 8, 1781 the theatre–built to plans by the Councillor Franz Ludwig von Cancrin–was inaugurated with the operetta “Tom Jones” by François André Danican.

Today there are still theatre performances and concerts in the Comoedienhaus, mostly organized by the Comoedienhaus Ltd., the City of Hanau cultural department, and the Volksbuehne Hanau e.V. In summer, the Comoedienhaus and the surrounding spa park are a unique location for the festivals “Hanauer Kultursommer” and “Wilhelmsbader Sommernacht.”


Parkanlage 1
63454 Hanau-Wilhelmsbad

Visits: by appointment