Private Theatre

The ensemble of palace, park and theatre Kochberg–once the country estate of Goethe’s love Charlotte von Stein–is one of the most pleasant places owned by the foundation Klassik Stiftung Weimar. A gem is the carefully restored neoclassical private theatre (“Liebhabertheater”) with its 75 seats, built for Carl von Stein in 1800. The stage area and the auditorium are festively adorned with columns and rare marbled paper. The dressing rooms and the tiny salons feature period furniture, so that the entire building breathes the air of 1800.

On weekends between May and October, a programme featuring top-class opera and drama performances, chamber music and readings draws an audience from near and far to the little theatre in the countryside. The programme focuses on works from the Baroque, the Classical era and the Romantic period, which are performed mainly in period style in the authentic environment.

See the film of the Liebhabertheater Schloss Kochberg near Weimar


Liebhabertheater Schloss Kochberg
07407 Grosskochberg

Visits: access during the opening times of the palace, every day except Tuesday 10:00 to 18:00 (April–Oct) ⋅ Guided tours on appointment