Historic Municipal Theatre

The Municipal Theatre in Grein on the banks of the river Danube is the oldest preserved bourgeois theatre in Austria. Enthusiastic amateur players installed it in the city granary in 1791 for their own productions and for touring professional troupes. Access is through the adjoining old town hall (built around 1563), today a museum, complete with the historic jail from which the convicts had a good view of the action on the stage. The theatre has also preserved the original seating in the stalls area where each seat could be locked by the subscribers to prevent other people using it.

In summer time, plays are being performed by professionals during the "Grein Summer Festival" (Sommerspiele Grein), whereas the amateur actors show their productions in November. Also worth seeing are the historic city centre, the gothic parish church and Grein Castle.

See the film of the Historisches Stadttheater in Grein


Historisches Stadttheater
Stadtplatz 7
4360 Grein

Visits: Mon–Sat 9–12 and 14–18, Sun 14–16 (May–Oct); guided tours every day, group tours on appointment