Juliusz Słowacki Theatre

Operating uninterrupted since 1893, it is one of Poland’s most famous theatres. Since 1909, it is named after the great Polish poet, Juliusz Słowacki. The building, erected by Jan Zawiejski, is regarded as one of the most precious monuments of the eclectic theatre architecture in Europe.

On the façade, next to the inscription Kraków for the National Art, are sculptures symbolising Comedy, Drama, Poetry and Music. The interior is richly decorated with frescoes by the Viennese artist Antoni Tuch; and the famous painted curtain is by Henryk Siemiradzki. Next to the stage the beautiful historic dressing room of the famous actor Ludwik Solski can be visited.


Teatr im. Juliusza Słowackiego
Plac Św. Ducha 1
31-023 Kraków

Visits: by appointment