Lithuanian Rs. Dramatic Theatre

The theatre, built in 1913 by Wacław Michniewicz and Aleksander Parczewski, is situated in the old town, which is a UNESCO world heritage site. The building combines elements of Romanesque, Renaissance, Baroque and other styles. In the Large Room, there is a chandelier as old as the theatre itself, decorated with masks and crystals. The theatre hosted numerous important theatrical and historic events.

In 1917 during a conference which took place here, the establishment of an independent Lithuanian state was propounded. The theatre also witnessed the triumphs of Juliusz Osterwa and his Reduta Theatre, as well as Aleksander Zelwerowicz, Borisas Dauguvietis, Antanas Škėma and Eimuntas Nekrošius. Since 1986 it is the headquarters of the Lithuanian Russian Dramatic Theatre.


Lietuvos rusų dramos teatras
J. Basanavičiaus 13
LT-03108 Vilnius

Visits: by appointment