The European Route of Historic Theatres


Discover 120 of the most beautiful, most interesting and best preserved historic theatre buildings in Europe on the European Route of Historic Theatres. These theatres can be visited during the day: see them for yourself and experience the history of Europe from the Renaissance to the 20th century.

To make it convenient for you, the European Route of Historic Theatres is devided into 12 part routes, each spanning one or several countries, and each connecting about a dozen theatres. Whether you make a journey along an entire route or pick two or three theatres for a week-end or visit just one theatre when you are in the area - you will always enjoy history in its most beautiful form.


Adriatic Route


Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia


From Mediterranean Sea to Balkan Mountains: the theaters of the southern Slavs


Alpine Route


Southern Germany, Switzerland


Of monks and peasants, citizens and festivalgoers


Baltic Route


Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland


From the midlands to the Baltic sea - theatres in four nations


Black Sea Route


Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, Ukraine


Old cities, new destinations: the Black Sea experience


Visit Theatres / Channel Route


Belgium, Great Britain, Netherlands  


From music hall to opera house, from workers’ theatre to theatre royal


Emperor Route


Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia


Very private, very public: theatres of the Habsburg Empire


French Route




Vive la France - in twelve very special theatres


German Route




In the footsteps of princes and theatre people


Grand Tour Route


Central and Southern Italy, Malta


From the Pope to the Maltese Knights: a theatrical education trip


Iberia Route


Portugal, Spain


1626 and after: the most exciting theatres west of the Pyrenees


North Italian Route


Northern Italy


Only here: the last Renaissance theatres – and all that followed


Nordic Route


Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden


Not only lakes, fjords and forests: historic theatres in the Nordic countries



Visit Theatres / Channel Route French Route Iberia Route Iberia Route German Route Nordic Route Baltic Route Black Sea Route Black Sea Route Adriatic Route Emperor Route Alpine Route North Italian Route Grand Tour Route